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The online portfolio of Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis, a storyteller utilizing different mediums of art including film photography, dance, and performance poetry.

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Minolta Instant Pro

i picked up a Minolta Instant Pro for my upcoming trip to northern california.  its the exact same camera as the Polaroid Spectra System, except this one is licensed by Minolta.  i went ahead with this camera mainly because its harder to find this compared to its Polaroid counterpart.  I also picked up a roll of original Polaroid Spectra film [expired 10/2007] to use this weekend.  the film still works!

i don't know if i want to keep this for my collection, or re-home it to somebody that loves instant film more than i do.

A Night with the Hi-Matic AF2

i bought the Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 specifically for use at Disneyland.  little did i realize that this camera is perfect for just about every occasion i find myself in, aside from underwater photography.  so far this is my consensus:
+ quiet, GREAT for street shooting especially with the wide angle attachment
+ built in flash for night shots
+ auto focus lens to capture moments quickly
+ lightweight
+ does great in low light situations with no flash 

- the flash is VERY bright, and whites out some details in the images 

now some photos from my night out on the town: