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The online portfolio of Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis, a storyteller utilizing different mediums of art including film photography, dance, and performance poetry.

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A Night with the Hi-Matic AF2

i bought the Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 specifically for use at Disneyland.  little did i realize that this camera is perfect for just about every occasion i find myself in, aside from underwater photography.  so far this is my consensus:
+ quiet, GREAT for street shooting especially with the wide angle attachment
+ built in flash for night shots
+ auto focus lens to capture moments quickly
+ lightweight
+ does great in low light situations with no flash 

- the flash is VERY bright, and whites out some details in the images 

now some photos from my night out on the town:

100 Strangers - Hank!

  Walking around the strip by myself and inebriated, my mind still level headed enough to have the ability to search for visually appealing individuals, as well as an unusually elaborate vernacular [this is being transcribed from my journal i keep to remember all the people i meet] I meet Hank.  I met him on the way to Fat Tuesdays, so I didn’t stay to chat.  But his hat was something I felt I needed to capture on film.

  I ask him if I can take his portrait, he says yes…”but wait”….then he flips a switch on the back of his hat, and motors start whirring as lights flash and little figures animate like a ride on disneyland.  and I don’t know if its the rum, or me being easily amused…but i was absolutely fascinated with his hat.  I left the encounter exchanging fist bumps.

camera:  Canon Snappy LX
film:  cross processed Fuji Velvia 100 35mm 

100 Strangers Aero!

Again, when choosing strangers to approach…I usually approach strangers with “something about them” that is magnetic…whether it be their personality, appearance, pose, or even their outfit’s colors in relation to their surroundings.  I photographed Caleb aka Aero because of his glasses.

Little did I know, that this guy is pretty famous.  Immediately after posting this photo to my social media outlets, I learn that he has alot of history in san diego, hawaii, and the graffiti world.  He is the owner of “Blubber” the company that produces the can of paint he is holding.  His brother was a famous surfer.  Many of friends sent me links to news articles about him…and even his little sister started following me on instagram.

I guess when it comes to strangers, most of them will just be friends you have yet to meet.

camera:  Canon Canonflex RM
film:  Fuji Velvia 50 F [cross processed] 

Fisheye Lens + Hipstamatic

i’m sorry for taking so long to make this video…but here is my fisheye lens:

just do a search for “mobile fisheye lens” if you’d want something similar.  i hear you can also use a door viewer [the little peekhole to see whos on the other side] as a fisheye too.  if you want that fish eye effect, its best to use an actual lens.  i’ve seen some really bad digital fisheye effects…having an actual lens also adds to the charm of hipstamatic.

we should note, that my fisheye is not a true fisheye.  its more of a wide-angle lense with a soft-surround vignette.  it still does the job….especially when you want to sneak a shot of the person sitting 2 feet away from you on the trolley…

here are some photos i’ve taken with the fisheye and hipstamatic: