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Hipstamatic Levis Holiday Goodpak [images]

stay tuned next week!  because i will be posting a video about using hipstamatic with a fisheye lens!


well anyway, i happened to be one of the lucky ones that was able to pick up the new hipstamatic goodpak while it was still available for download. [don't worry, it comes out this friday].  i took it out for a test spin today, taking shots of my daily life.  it appears the melodie lens intensifies brightness.  dark colors are darker, bright colors are more vibrant.  green seems to pop out much more.  i would recommend it for when you are taking photos outdoors in the sunlight. [taking shots in the shade results in silohuette images]  indoor shots tend to come out dull and grainy.  when the new hipstamatic pack comes out, comment on this entry with a link to your shots!  i'm interested to see what other people will do with it.