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The online portfolio of Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis, a storyteller utilizing different mediums of art including film photography, dance, and performance poetry.


I went to an instagram meet-up yesterday....with film cameras.  These are the resulting images.  The first set of photos were taken with a Canon Canonflex RM, loaded with Fuji Velvia 50F.  I self developed the roll the same night, and got the following results:  [in reverse chronological order]

This next roll was shot on a roll of film I started in September 2012 on a different camera....I took the film out in a changing bag and then put it into a Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35.  I currently don't have the chemicals to develop this myself...so I thought "hey I'm running errands near a Walgreens...might as well drop off my film for developing"  I only needed the pictures developed, I have a really good scanner at home.  But they were a little negligent with my film...as I was paying, they dropped the negatives onto the counter, then the lady comes back and says "Oh heres a sleeve".  I HAD TO SLEEVE MY OWN PHOTOS!  REALLLLY????  well here's the scratched and grundy results: