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The online portfolio of Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis, a storyteller utilizing different mediums of art including film photography, dance, and performance poetry.

The Improbable Project

I forgot how I heard of it, but I found out about an app in the iOS app store called "Printic" and decided to give it a try.  What it is, is an app that lets you create Polaroid-esque prints with your own photos.  It's not a bad deal at $0.99 a print.  [real polaroids go for ~$3+/print]

...but how does it stack up against an actual Polaroid photo?  It definitely captures the look perfectly.  The "feel"...notsomuch, as it is printed on regular photo paper, instead of the thick chemical-containing card stock that Polaroid film is made of.  The photo on the left is from expired Polaroid Spectra film, which is wider than the average photo...and due to its age, the colors are a bit on the red-side.

The real question is....would I recommend this app to people?  Yes...definitely.  It's a good alternative for people who don't have access to a Polaroid camera, or want to spend alot of money on the high price of film for those cameras.  The prints definitely look good, and I can see them looking great displayed on people's walls, scrapbooks, and picture frames.