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So I Won an All-Styles Battle

I'm supposed to be updating my blog regularly with all my relevant art-related accomplishments....so here's one...I won an all styles battle in December.  Although I would call myself a Locker, I prefer to enter All-Styles battles as opposed to Locking because I was "raised" with other genres and rarely ever get to practice pure funky Locking with other lockers.

There were a ton of great dancers that night...but I think the main reason I won is for two reasons:
•  I put in ALOT of work practicing to all genres of music....and I mean ALL...I practiced to genres I know they won't play just in case they decide to try to baffle me

•  I didn't see it as battling.  I didn't see anybody as competition.  ...Instead, I saw everybody as my peer, and instead of battling I was having a friendly conversation with each of them and the music.