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The online portfolio of Pacifico "PJ" Ortiz Luis, a storyteller utilizing different mediums of art including film photography, dance, and performance poetry.

Concert for the Sun: Kayla

The mountains memorize the melodies
and echo the lyrics she screams into sunsets

This is Kayla, a songwriter from Nashville, TN.  What I find very intriguing about her is that she has been traveling up and down California and working with other photographers.  She is the subject for a good amount of visual creativity, but each person with their own perspective sees her and the surroundings a bit differently.  It's truly fascinating to watch.  Please be sure to check out her links on social media:

How does the Leica T compare to Film?

For those of you that follow me on social media, you probably know that I shoot ALOT of film....you might also know that I recently got my hands on a Leica T camera....a digital camera.  I decided to take this camera, and my Nikon F2 (produced 1972) out to test how each camera compares to each other.

To be completely fair, this probably isn't the best comparison.  I'm still new to shooting digital cameras.  Shooting "manual" is normal for me, but I have yet to produce the type of images in-camera that I get from film without having to edit them afterwards.  The Leica T is amazing in low light.  Holy moly, it is amazing.  I will post photos of its low light capabilities in a future portrait shoot.....but in the meantime, here is a comparison of the two.

I wish I recorded the "EXIF" data...but again, I primarily shoot film...so I don't normally record that type of information.  I used an external meter at the first half of this shoot...then gave up because the images from the Leica weren't to my liking, so I shot a mixture of "A" and "P" mode.  Enjoy!

Concert for the Sun

This is a work in progress, for a collection I have started shooting tentatively titled "Concert for the Sun"....It is a metaphorical stage show being put on, where the only member in the audience is the sun.  It will be an ongoing photonarrative of utilizing different theatrical devices for live shows converted into still photography.  This includes but is not limited to:  breaking the 4th wall, soliloquy, and audience participation...where the only member in the audience is the sun.

Mercury Ballerina

Photos from my first underwater portrait shoot with the Nikonos V are in, featuring the Metal Ballerina herself.  Please check out her website to see more of her work. 

This is the first in the series of photos for a long term project I am pursuing.  The title and concept is still a work in progress.